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VisionPro ships, first impressions, AppStore changes for EU and US

Season 6 Episode 4

In this episode, we'll discuss two main topics: the new Apple Vision Pro hardware and the changes coming to the App Store.

We start by diving into the new EU Court rulings regarding Appleā€™s monopoly and the requirement for allowing third-party app stores on iOS devices. Apple has made this confusing intentionally, and there are new terms and conditions that developers have to agree to, which involves giving Apple money for doing nothing. This move has raised concerns about security and privacy issues.

Moving on to the US side, changes are coming to the App Store. Apple now allows linking outside the App Store to other payment methods, but developers must still agree to new rules and conditions and pay Apple for this privilege. The complexity of these changes is causing confusion and frustration among developers.

Next, we shift our focus to the Apple Vision Pro hardware. The device has finally shipped, and initial impressions.

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