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Reflecting on 2023 and looking ahead to 2024

Season 5 Episode 35

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What's up everybody. We made it to the end of 2023. This is going to be the last episode for this year. The podcast. I am your host as always Peter Witham. You can find myself and this podcast at

Don’t worry. It’s not the last episode of the podcast forever. This podcast will be continuing into 2024. However, I feel like it’s an appropriate time to look back upon the year in general.

First of all, I want to say thank you to all the other podcasters out there. I know that some podcasts recently have been shutting down.

It always makes me sad when we lose great podcasters and great episodes and shows to listen to. But I fully understand, it is very difficult to keep doing a podcast for any length of time. And it does require a lot of time and effort and resources. So a big shout out and thank you to all the other podcast is out there.

You are fantastic. And I greatly appreciate the content you put out. Thank you. On that note. I do want to look at where I’m going next year. I think with a lot of these things, I, like I say, I do plan to continue the podcast. It has been tough recently to get episodes out on a regular basis because I’ve had a lot of work things to do.

And of course holiday season and the end of the year. But I have every intention of continuing this podcast into 2024. I have been lucky this year. My goal at the beginning of the year, funny enough I have absolutely destroyed my goal. I was looking to get maybe two more. Yeah, interview episodes done this year. I forget how many there are at this time, but there is way more than two.

I have been phenomenally lucky that I, everybody, I have asked to come on the show and say yes, and they have all been absolutely fantastic guests. So thank you to all of my guests this year. You have really made it a truly fascinating year for me.

To be able to sit down and talk with you on many different subjects from AI to code tools. Coding apps develop a lifestyle develop a life, mental health, all of these things that I considered to be absolutely vitally important.

On that note, I, that’s why I want to mention also that there have been shows that have not been directly related to the swift programming language. Because it’s about more than that, right?

Yes. The Swift programming language is what we primarily use in cover on this show. And as apple developers now, But it’s so much more than that.

At the core of it, my focus has always been to focus down on developers themselves and everything. We need to keep ourselves in the right space to do our work.

So thank you to everybody for that.

Looking at other things This year we’ve we get all the usual releases from apple as far as tools. And operating systems and all of those kinds of things and new hardware. And it’s been another one of those years.

That’s felt progressive in many ways. But next year, of course is going to be a big year and it’s going to be a big year, I think, in the apple ecosystem. In many interesting ways.

Now, first of all, let’s start with the big one, right? Rumor is the, we are going to be seeing the headset around. February time, the vision pro. We’ll see what happens there. I still don’t know how that’s going to play out. Of course, there’ll be lots of interest, but I don’t think it’s going to be as mainstream as you know all about Apple’s other hardware.

I feel like that’s not their intention at this stage. I feel like their intention is to get into the space and see what happens.

Kind of what apple does sometimes. So we’ve got that coming next year and that’s going to be a big one for developers. Anytime. There’s a new platform. To work on and need to migrate our apps and tools or start something completely new that we haven’t even envisioned yet. Is going to be an opportunity and we’ll see how that goes and how that plays out.

That’s going to be fascinating. Especially given that a lot of the conversations that folks want to have with those who have been to the sessions. are blocked due to NDA’s.

Totally understand that. So we’re going to see what happens in the first quarter, and it’s going to be very interesting one way or another. Certainly no doubt in my mind that obviously dub DC next year, it’s going to be all about that.

It’s going to be all about the headset. that’s a given, I think as far as the apple computers of course we’ll see those progressions like we do every year. We very recently got the MP3 chip . It’s only natural began to see that. Built into other hardware as well. But perhaps.

The other interesting aspect here is this late breaker in 2023 of apple? Getting in trouble with some of the hardware, some of the sensors. In their apple watch and having to remove that from the market. Which was pretty much unprecedented.

I think as far as apple goes, however the latest that I’m hearing is that there’s now. A block in place that says they can continue to sell it while it’s being appealed. So we’ll see what happens there. Which in my mind is all a bit weird, too, right? It’s very peculiar to me that you would wait to appeal it. And before that. Announced and to Paul, the watch from the stores a couple of days before that announcement. Which in some ways to me makes me stop and think. Maybe they’re taking advantage of this a little bit to boost sales, right? All those people who think it’s not going to be available.

So they run out. An order and purchase one for a couple of days. Because it’s not going to be available and then sure enough, next thing you know, it’s available again. I’m not saying that’s what they did, but Hey I know of more than a few folks who have said that they, you, they went in and ordered a watch because they weren’t sure if it was going to be. Available again. And so it paid off that way for apple in some ways, right?

Hey, like I say not promoting any conspiracy theories here, but. It is interesting that they allowed it to not be available for a couple of days. Before appealing it and saying, Hey, you know what, we’re lucky we got this injunction now where we can sell it again. It’s just all very interesting timing.

I think for a massive company like apple. To do something like that.

Moving on from there next year I think. It’s going to be interesting, but the software and the operating systems, it was very much a progressive bug fix year. I think for these releases. So we’ll see what happens I would be very happy to see another one. Those releases next year, I do love it.

When we get these incremental releases that don’t have many big new features and really focused down on fixing the bugs and getting things nice and smooth. It’s been a bit rough this year for me on. The operating systems. IOS for me has been a bit rough in the sense of my iPhone seems to randomly restarted itself. This year. Way more than any other year that I can recall going back to the iPhone, 3g when I first got one.

So that’s very peculiar. the Watch, I think was a good year for apple watch. Operating system all feels very good. My iPad has been good. Good too. But again, iPad, iOS has been a little glitchy for me this year. I have not felt as confident with it as I have in previous years.

Macko S was, has been pretty good. I’ve had some problems, but I actually don’t think that the operating system, I think it’s more down to third party. Extensions causing. And a little bit of instability there. And so we’ll see what happens. But interestingly, I do want to say and I guess in some ways, confess. He says jokingly.

I’ve been using windows a little bit more this year, but I want to put that in context. I have been using windows more for game development, more than anything else. Especially the the epic unreal engine. It just runs better on my PC. Than it does on my Mack not to say that it’s slow or anything like that on my M on Mac. But I just don’t like the way the heat and the fans spin up. On the Mac, when I’m using game development tools, like a unity and unreal engine and those kinds of things. So I tend to use my PC more for those, because it just seems to handle them better. I don’t know if that’ll be a thing that we see changed down the road.

It’s just an interesting observation that I want to put out there. And I going into next year for my personal plans. I released a new app and a new game this year. And two events one of which is still ongoing right now for endless hurdles. the Christmas event. I achieved my goals to get those out there. Not sure what I’m going to set my goals for from a development perspective for next year.

But I do want to look into swifter data specifically as something. And I am working on. Maybe. Some courses than mine. Release we’ll see, definitely something I’m thinking about because I’m working on a good old game course right now. And I’m wondering if I wait and see what the results are like from that and how it’s received. And I might start thinking about doing some swift ones. We’ll see, I don’t know.

But it’s going to be interesting to see on that. Thing with those is. They take a long time to produce. And at this point, anything that I’m working on could be redundant or radically changed by the time we get to June and dub DC. Just a few thoughts in this episode, just an end of year. Wrap there to say what happened and where I think it’s going from, not just my perspective the areas around. What we do and the platforms that we work with. And two to start next year just want to put this out there for folks. If you would like to come on the podcast and something to talk about. Go to compile forward slash contact.

Always looking forward to talking to folks and having them come on and talk about things. Always great conversations. And I just love doing that. And again, I have been. So I’m lucky to have so many wonderful guests this year. That’s always an open invitation for any listener and anybody out there. Doesn’t matter if you’re making a one person app, that’s a small app or. Some massive platform or framework or whatever. It may be some tools on service. Always fascinated to talk about those things. So I think I’m going to wrap it there. I hope it’s been a great year development year for you, and I hope that you’re going to take some time off at the end of the year.

Like I have. And I’m not looking to get back into the flow of things until January. It’s nice to have that reset and just sit back and. Let the schedules drop a little bit, For a few days and just make the most of the relaxation. and Get that mindset ready for next year. If this is podcast has been helpful to you this year. Hey, I’d love.

If you would say thank you. Buy me a coffee. You don’t have to, but if you want to go to or in the show notes, there’s a link to buy me a coffee and help support the content. It would be greatly appreciated. I have incurred a lot of expenses this year. Hosting and tools for a lot of these things. it’s Not free to reduce, but I do try to keep things free and out there for everybody. So anyway nothing you can do is leave reviews.

Thank you again to everybody that’s been leaving the reviews and ratings issue. It makes a difference. It truly does make a difference. So I hope you have a wonderful end of the year. And I will be speaking to you in 2024.

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