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The podcast discusses Apple App development with a focus on Swift. It also discusses the life, skills, and challenge of being a developer.

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I had been struggling to get connected with a programming community (i should add, one that fit me personally) for months prior to discovering the podcast. And before that, for years i've been trying to find a path into software development with total failure. Peter is very approachable and his community is inclusive and supportive. It's a pleasure now listening and a great way to learn something new.


Peter put out a good podcast. It's not very long but normally something worth while that I wasn't aware of


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I'll just say it. Compile Swift is a one-person effort, me, Peter Witham. I try my best to create great content and experiences for people to enjoy. It does come with a cost, and if you want to help support my effort, I'd be so grateful. Thank you.

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