An Idea Born From Need

CompileSwift is an idea I had the moment Apple announced the language in 2014. I knew I wanted to learn all about the language as my full gateway into creating iOS applications.

I also knew that I wanted to embrace my passion of sharing with others, so to that end I started blogging my progress by way of posts for others to learn from. At the time, I was not sure how far this idea would go so I kept it under my own personal site rather than branch it out, even though I had a domain name for it.

As an experienced developer for way too many years in other languages and technologies like Web and Kiosks, I wanted to really start this project from the ground up so that readers of all levels could benefit. So you will find the very basic things to the more complicated things across the content.

The idea here is that this is more about sharing information with anyone interested, and given that Swift is open source, I always wanted that to mean open and honest learning, even when it goes wrong.

I am not ashamed to admit as a developer that I sometimes make terrible decisions in my code, but that's why we learn and help each other to improve.

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