Swift Notification Center Basics

Notification center is not push notifications, it is a great way to send and respond to events within your application.

Using didSet on Swift properties to clean up viewDidLoad

Anytime you can remove code from viewDidLoad it has to be a good thing.

Add Menu Items to a Mac App

Adding items to a Mac app menu is straight forward, but there are a couple of gotchas to watch out for.

Create a SwiftUI View in a Swift Playground

Take advantage of Swift Playgrounds to create and play with SwiftUI views with just a couple of lines of code.

Xcode Source Control with Git - Basic Flow

If you are new to using source control in Xcode, this is the video for you. Commits and branching are fundamental tasks you need to understand.

5 Things I Love in Xcode 12

In this video I cover 5 things that I appreciate in Xcode 12 beta 2

What is a Swift Typealias?

You have probably heard of it, but do you know what a Typealias is? Watch on.

Live Stream - Scripting with Swift, Creating Folders

In this live stream recording I started working with Swift scripting on the Mac terminal.

My suggested way to layout a new SwiftUI project

In this short video I will run through my clean up process when creating a new SwiftUI project.

5 Xcode 11 Tips

Xcode is massive, so here are a few tips to improve your workflow.

03-27-2020 Live Stream Highlights

Sometimes fixing a bug is easier or harder than you think it's going to be

How to use GitHub with Xcode 11

GitHub and Xcode 11 are almost the best of friends.

Using SF Symbols in macOS Applications

SF Symbols is a great library, so why not use it in Mac Applications

Automatic Asset Generation using Speculid

Generating all those icon and asset sizes can be a pain, so why not automate the process with Speculid. Here's how.

Live Stream - macOS App Development

Recorded live stream of my work on a macOS app I built to help me write blog posts faster. This session is refactoring the template keys to a JSON file.

Creating a Master Detail View with Navigation

The Master Detail view pattern is very common in applications. This video explains how to create just that using SwiftUI

Using a UIPickerView as input for another control

Use a UIPickerView to offer pre-built input for populating other controls, like labels or entry fields. This video shows you how to do it.