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Episode 100! Developer life and mental health with Jay Wilson

Season 4 Episode 24

Thank you, everyone, for being part of the Podcast and helping it reach the 100th episode. I am so glad we get to share this.

In this episode, I sit down with someone I respect and admire, Jay Wilson. We talk about developer life and how we need to stay balanced and open with those around us to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and others.

Topics include

  • Never put work before health and personal life
  • Always find someone to talk to if you feel like things are overwhelming you and making you stressed/unhappy
    • A good manager will
    • Keep your work balanced
    • Unblock you
    • Protect your time
    • Fight for you
  • Always having fun with what you’re doing. Life is too short not to
  • Jay has a new job starting soon - iOS full time

Twitter: @heyjaywilson

Twitch: @mwilson_codes

Instagram: @mwilson_codes


YouTube video of interviewing

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