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New OS versions are on the way, back up time

Season 4 Episode 20

I have covered this before, but it is always worth repeating, here are my suggestions on a good way to upgrade safely.

iPhone and iPad, back up the devices and make sure to add password protection to those backups so your keychain and logins on the devices are also backed up. This is a huge time saver if you have to restore as it means you don’t have to log back in to all the apps. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself if you ever had to do a restore.

Mac, make more than one back up using different methods. Never trust just one back up, it has bitten me in the past. Especially trusting TimeMachine. I make a TimeMachine back up, a clone to an external drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. And finally I also have a clean bootable external drive with just macOS installed on in case of a real emergency or disaster. Listen to my previous podcast episodes on how my life with the macOS Venture beta went. This may all sound like paranoia until you go to use a back up and it fails. Trust me, it will happen to you one day.

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