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July 20, 2021 · 5 min read

In this episode, I’m going to talk about a couple of things. So let’s dive into it.

First of all, we got the beta threes for various OS’ from Apple, plus an updated Xcode 13 beta as well. I have played with the iPadOS beta three. I’ve got that on my iPad Pro, and it is running just great.

Still a few weird quirks with safari crashing now, going again, but hey, it’s a beta. What do you expect? I Still love the multitasking and the way that it works in the new version. I prefer floating windows like many of you, but Hey, I’ll take this in the meantime.

I’m looking forward to 15 coming out later in the year.

I also upgraded macOS Monterey. I had a couple of weird glitches this time around. I was upgrading from the previous beta. The first time around, it just didn’t seem to take it. The install got to the end of the download bar and preparing, and then just sat there.

So I thought, I’ll leave it alone on my M1 MacMini because sometimes it takes a while, but an hour later, I thought to myself, no, I don’t believe this is doing anything.

I rebooted the machine, but it still had to go through the entire process of downloading the newest beta three again. This time it installed just fine. I don’t know what happened there, some weird glitch or gremlins.

Beta three is still feeling very good to me on macOS Monterey. I like a lot of the changes they have in there. What I want to do is spend a lot more time playing around with shortcuts. I have not spent as much time as I would like on that yet.

Xcode beta 13 has also been pretty good for me. A little tip that I’ll give you all here caught me out because I’m silly. It’s funny because I would use the Xcode release version and the beta version on my Big Sur install.

Then I’d reboot into Monterey, and I’d go try to run an app in Xcode. Of course, I’d realize I’d have problems trying to compile and run the software because I forgot that I’m foolish and don’t have my private developer keys on that install. So what did I do? I did the obvious thing.

I hit the button where it says, Hey, you want me to take care of this for you? Yes, please Xcode. You’ve already figured out what happened here. Right? It fixed up the Monterrey.

I rebooted back into Big Sur, and of course, now I cannot run in Xcode because the key was revoked.

I am a fool, folks. I should have realized that was going to happen. It should have been evident to me yet. I’m stupid. So the tip here is to do what I did. Just pick one of the installs, export your private key, and import that again into the keychain on the other install and use the same private key for both installs and the account there.

I know it’s a silly thing, but it’s one of those things you forget about, and you don’t think about it until it happens to you. And then you sort of face Palm yourself and feel kind of foolish. So that’s a quick little tip there.

Xcode 13 is friendly and responsive for me in as much as I never really have too many performance complaints with Xcode. We’re compiling software; it will take a while, folks on big apps and things like that. So, don’t be expecting miracles. However, I still like using, a great way to offload your builds. If you’re in a position where you can do that.

Of course, sometimes you can’t, especially if you’re working on projects for companies where the source code is behind closed doors.

In other news, I have been doing a lot more live streaming on CompileSwift; you can find that at, I’m trying to get it working. I have an account on, and I was so impressed with the service that I decided to go ahead and pay for it, but I’m having problems trying to get the multistream to work.

I set it for YouTube, like I’ve done before, and also to the Facebook page, which you can find at, but they’re not streaming there at the moment. I have some problems I’ve got to work out. But it still works just fine on

I’m having a lot of fun with it, and I’m having a lot of fun just hanging out and talking with folks in the chat rooms while working on things in swift.

If you have not dropped by, please, do I usually stream Sunday evenings on American central time. There’s a schedule up there.

Thank you to everybody who has been dropping by the chat rooms and watching the streams. I am just so pleased with the number of people that have been doing that. Thank you so much.

I decided since I can do it, I have created CompileSwift merchandise. I ordered one of every item to see it for myself first, and oh my gosh, it’s fantastic. Stitching and printing are exceptional. I’m super impressed with the quality.

So if you are interested in seeing it and possibly ordering, go to Anything you purchase to show your love for the podcast and all the content I make is greatly appreciated.

It all goes back into the show and content. The more that I discover people are really into what I’m trying to do here. The more inspiration it gives me to keep pushing it further and keep exploring new things to do for you, it’s just a great experience sharing my development time when I can with you all.

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