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Swift and SwiftUI Testing with Gio Lodi

June 22, 2021 · 1 min read

I talk with Gio Lodi about his new book on testing Swift, SwiftUI, and Combine code in this episode.

Gio is a writer of software and words, a testing and productivity enthusiast, and a geek. He loves to play and build LEGOs with his little children and read books with a warm cup of coffee.

Gio is a mobile infrastructure engineer at Automattic, where he helps the teams working on the WordPress mobile apps to ship quality code on a schedule. He’s a testing, automation, and productivity enthusiast and the author of Test Driven Development in Swift with SwiftUI and Combine

Topics include Why testing is important. How writing tests for your code can help you. The challenges of SwiftUI with your testing process. It would be best if you were writing tests before writing code.

You can find the book at

You can reach Gio on Twitter @mokagio and at his Web site

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