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Podcast - What’s Your Plan for 2021 Development?

January 02, 2021 · 2 min read

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BitRise build automation service


  • Swift and SwiftUI are a given, we all get those skills for free as we work with Apple platforms.
  • What’s your niche or main focus going to be? AR, VR, Audio, Maps, video, Games?
  • Are you going to review your toolset and drop the ones you never use or continue to keep them around?
  • What about learning resources? Are there courses or books you paid for but never got around to working with?
  • What subscriptions do you have that maybe you no longer need because you never use them or they never get updated? Are you still getting value from them?


  • Did you use repetitive code last year in projects that you could turn into a framework or library?
  • Did you do any or enough testing last year, is that something you can improve on this year?
  • Have you updated your code bases to the latest versions of Swift or any other language you use? Did you deal with deprecations and API changes?
  • Are you branches in source control nice and clean with old ones merged and removed?
  • How about automating those builds so you never fall behind or have to remember to take care of them? I can recommend BitRise for simplifying the process and taking the pain out of it.
  • How well did you document last year? is that something you can do better this year, maybe you didn’t do it at all?

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