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Podcast: Season 1 Episode 1

July 30, 2019 · 2 min read

Welcome to the Podcast / WWDC19

It finally happened, it took me a while to get enough courage together to do it.

But just like removing a headphone jack from a phone, it takes courage :)

WWDC 2019 provided many surprises and lots of things to get excited about between now release in the Fall. In this episode, I’ll go over some of the major announcements that will have an impact on us as Apple platform developers.

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Show Notes

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watchOS 6

  • New watch faces
  • Taptic hourly chimes
  • Apps from apple
  • Voice memo
  • Audio books
  • Calculator
  • Tip Calculator
  • API’s for independent apps no longer needing iPhone apps
  • Audio streaming API
  • Apple Watch AppStore

iOS 13

  • 30% faster FaceID
  • 50% smaller app downloads
  • 60% smaller update app downloads
  • Twice as fast app launch speed
  • Dark mode
  • Swipe mode on keyboard
  • Reminders overhaul to be more todo app like
  • New maps with far more detail
  • “Sign in with Apple” across all platforms
  • Memoji sticker packs automatically created for you
  • Photo editing tools can now be used on videos
  • Separate iCloud accounts


  • Widgets on the home screen
  • Split view now available across apps
  • App Expose on iPad
  • Files App SMB, Thumb drive and USB drives supported
  • Safari desktop class browsing
  • Safari download manager
  • Improved selection tool
  • 3 finger pinch to copy and paste
  • 3 finger swipe to undo
  • 9ms pencil latency instead of old 20ms
  • PencilKit API
  • Compact Keyboard now available
  • Swipe from corner with pencil to enter markup

macOS Catalina

  • iTunes is now Apple Music
  • Apple Podcasts app
  • AppleTV app
  • SideCar - iPad as second display for Mac
  • Catalyst now available in Xcode on Catalina for working with iPad apps on macOS


  • RealityKit
  • RealityComposer
  • ARKit 3


  • 450,000 apps on store using Swift
  • SwiftUI is available across all platforms

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