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Personal projects now compiled under Monterey and Xcode 13

July 17, 2021 · 1 min read

This week, Apple released beta 3 versions of macOS Monterey and Xcode 13. This was my check mark for starting to compile my personal Mac applications under the new tools as I start to use Monterey more.

So far, nothing but good news to report for both Monterey beta 3 and Xcode 13. As a bonus, my apps compiled without issue which is also a sigh of relief. Time to look forward.

I want to stress that if these apps were to be used by anyone but me, I probably would not be taking this route, and do not recommend you use anything other than release versions for distributed apps.

For now, when or if an issue comes up, it gives me a good excuse to crank open Xcode 13 beta and start fixing it.

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