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Getting ready for the madness of WWDC week, I want to help you

May 24, 2021 · 1 min read

We are so close to WWDC21 the big event for Apple developers this year. I’m sharpening my pencils, charging the batteries, buying more coffee and making sure I get plenty of sleep before June 7th.

This year not only will I be watching but I’m hoping to give back with some special content that I will keep under wraps for now, let’s just say I won’t be running solo on this.

I also signed up hoping to help mentor people on If you want to help give back to our amazing developer communities out there and help someone, I really recommend checking it out.

If you are someone planning to run a special deal during WWDC week, I would also love to help you by spreading the word, so why not drop me a note at, or maybe via Twitter @CompileSwift.

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