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Finally a Multiline SwiftUI Text Field on macOS

October 10, 2020 · 1 min read

This week it finally happened.

Xcode 12.2 beta and macOS 11 finally has a SwiftUI control for a multiline text entry field, to put it another way.

Took dang long enough for something used all over the place in apps Apple!

This arrived in iOS and iPadOS 14, so clearly it has been delayed due to the timeline for macOS Big Sur, which I suspect will arrive on or around the October event announcements with new hardware.

The TextEditor() control enables an easy way to put a SwiftUI based view together, now I can finally start rebuilding the app I had the idea for over a year ago. It seems crazy I know, but that one simple thing has prevented so many applications from starting the move to SwiftUI.

Yes there have been work arounds, but the point here is that if Apple wants us to embrace SwiftUI, then it did a bad job at giving us the basic tools from the beginning. Or another way to look at it, the technology was released two years before it should have been.

So now, I can start to think beyond storyboards and code generated views.

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