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Adventures in code upgrading

September 06, 2020 · 1 min read

I decided it was time to start checking my personal projects against the new toolset and macOS coming in the Fall.

Surprisingly, there was a few warnings and only one error. I admit to a heavy sigh of relief as I feared the worst. Thanks to Swift now having it’s own release cycle and not relying on Xcode, I feel it has helped developers stay on top of changes more than once a year.

The most impressive part of migrating my code versions has to be the smooth transition to the new layouts in macOS Big Sur. I’ll be the first to say my applications are not pushing the limits of any macOS technologies, however the fact that I had to do nothing to get them running and without having to rework the interfaces (storyboards) impresses me.

The only issue I encountered was one with the latest Xcode 12 beta not showing code completion during the first run, but a simple quit and restart fixed that, it has not come back since.

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