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WWDC20 Day 1 Note Building

June 22, 2020 · 1 min read

It has been a busy evening for me catching up on the first day announcements and making a ton of notes ready to work on new content for

So far my list includes

  • All the new OS’ including macOS 11, yes I said 11.
  • Xcode 12 overview and all the new things to make development faster and easier.
  • I seem to recall something about a two year transition plan to Apple’s own silicon, away from Intel chips. :)
  • Widgets on the iOS and iPadOS home screen … I know right!
  • Shareable Apple Watch faces.
  • A massive new Safari release.

And that is just for starters. Rest assured I won’t rush it out to beat the crowd for clicks like a lot of those other sites, I’m taking my time and preparing Podcast episodes and articles.

If the download and run goes well, I hope to even get some Xcode 12 videos out there in-between beta crashes. Sorry Apple, I couldn’t resist a poke, I know they are betas.

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