Patreon Video 5 - Add New Note View Creation

March 01, 2020 · 1 min read

Image of iPad running the new Code Notes 2 build with add a note view

Continuing my series on rebuilding my open source Code notes application using SwiftUI, video 5 is all about starting a new view to add a note to the application.

This means it is time to talk about input using a form and also a brief introduction to the concept of state to hold the data as we enter and display it.

This is a Patreon supported series, as of video 5 that means 1hr 39 minutes of video with plenty more to come.

I appreciate your support in funding this on-going premium content, thank you.

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Peter Witham
Peter Witham

Web and Mobile Software Maker, Photographer and Podcaster. I live and breath creativity.
I'd love for you to connect with me via Twitter or if you are a photo person like myself, Instagram.

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