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Why Force Me To Reset The Entire Device List?

January 18, 2020 · 1 min read

It will happen to all of you eventually, if it has not already. You need to add a new device to a developer profile in the Apple portal and there are no slots left.

Unless I’m missing the obvious, the only option still is to reset the entire list.

This is 2020 Apple, how about you take 1 day and code it to let us remove some devices instead of re-adding all the correct devices to a new list.

Or a plan B suggestion, let us export the list, edit it and re-import it to reduce the pain even just a little.

This has been a really annoying thing for me for quite a while now as I have to support so many developer and qa team devices. Plus if you have or are ever working for a company, you know that people and device turn-over happens more often than you might think, which means this screen gets more visits than you ever want to make.

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