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First Serious SwiftUI Learning

November 02, 2019 · 2 min read

This week I decided it was time to put macOS Catalina on one of my machines, the only reason I wanted to do this was to take advantage of the canvas and live previews for SwiftUI in Xcode.

Conveniently, at the same time, Xcode 11.2 was released.

This completes my setup for developing with all of this years Apple releases. It always seems funny to me that we get the final releases just in time to start thinking about WWDC next year and what that might bring.

My plan is a simple(?) one, to rebuild my CodeNotes for iOS application as a way to learn SwiftUI in it’s current form along with the supporting tools and language features in Swift 5.

Before you ask, yes! I do plan to share what I learn as always with anyone willing to take the time to read/watch/listen.

I am currently in the planning stage to flesh out the idea before I start. I also have some thoughts on how I’m going to share this with you all, and I need to work through those and discuss with friends to see if I’m crazy or on the right track before I begin.

So for now, hello SwiftUI, Combine and Catalyst. Please, let’s be friends.

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