Great to get back into the Live Stream with a SwiftUI Chat-screen build

A true delight to get back in live stream mode and hang out with the chatroom. You rock!

Season 4 Episode 2

I didn't know that I didn't know. Is how this one goes down. It's always the silly things that get you when writing code.

Live Stream of Figma design prototyping an iOS app

This weeks live stream was an exploration of the Figma app for design and prototyping.

New development machine setup

My new laptop is setup and I did a few things differently this time.

How to create a macOS Monterey USB installer

Do you want to be able to install Monterey without downloading every time? There is a command for that. Read on.

Xcode 13 - I survived the code upgrade

Having checked my apps against Xcode 13, I passed the test

Are we there yet beta?

OK just how close will we be when I get back from vacation to final releases?

Personal projects now compiled under Monterey and Xcode 13

This week with the beta 3 releases, my personal projects are now in the hands of the next gen tools and OS

Curiosity made me believe Xcode on iPad could work

When curiosity gets the best of you, you start experimenting on things.

Live Stream - Adding WebKit to SwiftUI app

A short live stream adding a WebKit screen and call to the settings view in an app I am working on.

Getting ready for the madness of WWDC week, I want to help you

WWDC21 is almost here, preparations are underway to watch and some special content for you all this year.

A Quick Survey on Package Managers

I have been playing around with storing some code that I use repeatedly in a Swift Package. So time to ask a question of you.

2020 Release candidates are out

No, nothing to do with USA politics and everything to do with macOS Big Sur and other platforms.

Finally a Multiline SwiftUI Text Field on macOS

Took long enough, way too long for a standard control.

What a week of Activity in Apple World

From new hardware to sudden release drops, it all happened this week

Adventures in code upgrading

I bit the bullet this week and starting moving personal projects to Xcode 12.

Xcode 12 & macOS Big Sur are feeling good

As we get late into the beta releases, Xcode is feeling pretty solid to me.

Big Sur and Xcode beta 3 fun

Another round of beta releases and spending more time with them.

Automate those build and version numbers for Xcode

Take the pain out of keeping those build and version numbers upto date with one simple tool.

WWDC 20 Recommended Videos for Swift Developers

There was a lot this year from WWDC, but these are the videos that I feel are a must watch for Swift developers.

WWDC20 - Day 2 - Time to set Up Big Sur

Yep time to install the beta but safely.

WWDC20 Day 1 Note Building

What a day, so much

Live Stream - Scripting with Swift, Creating Folders

In this live stream recording I started working with Swift scripting on the Mac terminal.

Automating the boring stuff

This weekend I decided to explore some options to remove the burden of mundane coding.

A great markdown rendering library

Using Down markdown library to preview my post in my macOS app.

Live Stream Recording - macOS App Development

A recorded live stream, working on my GatsbyJS blogging application for macOS.

Setting NSTextView Font Size Using Swift

Changing font size of an NSTextView can catch you out.

Need a Swift Dictionary with more than a key value pair?

Dictionaries are great, and then you refactor and need more than a key value pair, here's my solution.

Patreon Video 5 - Add New Note View Creation

Patreon video 5 starts the build of adding a new note form view with SwiftUI.

This tweet made my morning

Thanks @BalestraPatrick for putting the truth out there.

Changing macOS menu item states with Swift

My first experience working with macOS menus, how to change the state of a menu item using Swift.

What is preventing you from making that App?

I am curious, please take this quick one question poll on making that next app.

Why Force Me To Reset The Entire Device List?

Why is resetting the Apple device list so annoying still?

Patreon Video 4 Refactoring and Fixing the Master View

Video 4 for Patreon members continues the masterview SwiftUI work from video 3, we identify and fix problems with the layout.

It's all about Tab's

I learned a lot when it comes to macOS app navigation this week.

MetaMaker macOS App Changes

This week I managed to spend a little time on my macOS app, MetaMaker.

Live Stream - macOS App Development

Recorded live stream of my work on a macOS app I built to help me write blog posts faster. This session is refactoring the template keys to a JSON file.

Patreon Video 4 in production

Video 4 for Patreon members is well into production.

Patreon Video 3 Master view layout using SwiftUI

Video 3 for Patreon members uploaded. We start building the master list using SwiftUI.

SwiftUI Multiline Textfield?

Does SwiftUI have a multiline text field or attribute to create one?

First Serious SwiftUI Learning

Now that all the Apple OS releases have settled down, I have upgraded to Catalina and Xcode 11.2. So that means I am ready to start working with SwiftUI.

Easy Way to Check for 32bit Apps on macOS

As you prepare for macOS Catalina, you might want to check what apps could cause problems on your system, here's a quick way to check.

The Great Reworking Begins

iOS and iPadOS 13 are big steps forward, and that means work for all of us on existing applications.