Live Stream - macOS App Development

Recorded live stream of my work on a macOS app I built to help me write blog posts faster. This session is refactoring the template keys to a JSON file.

Patreon Video 4 in production

Video 4 for Patreon members is well into production.

Patreon Video 3 Master view layout using SwiftUI

Video 3 for Patreon members uploaded. We start building the master list using SwiftUI.

SwiftUI Multiline Textfield?

Does SwiftUI have a multiline text field or attribute to create one?

First Serious SwiftUI Learning

Now that all the Apple OS releases have settled down, I have upgraded to Catalina and Xcode 11.2. So that means I am ready to start working with SwiftUI.

Easy Way to Check for 32bit Apps on macOS

As you prepare for macOS Catalina, you might want to check what apps could cause problems on your system, here's a quick way to check.

The Great Reworking Begins

iOS and iPadOS 13 are big steps forward, and that means work for all of us on existing applications.