July 05, 2019 · 2 min read

Back when Apple announced the Swift programming language at WWDC 2014, I immediately started learning and writing about it.

So where have you been since then?

Well I’ve always been here, but to keep things simple I included my Swift videos, posts and everything else on my own site

As time moved on and as my day job become more and more mobile development focused, I realized it was time to branch CompileSwift out to something seperate, more focused, more contentful. So here it is, finally moving into it’s own home with a yard, BBQ and driveway.

Since then, I have learned a lot, Swift has grown up and is now something that I get to look at almost daily. My excitement for the language has never waivered, nor have I question it’s viability, I’ve just been busy working.


And that means I get to spend more time thinking, living with, and writing Swift. I will continue to write my posts, and even try to make a go of my new CompileSwift Podcast. I also intend to stay just where I am in all the amazing communities out there.

So you see, the only real difference is that I separated the content to a dedicated home.

Let’s continue the journey, shall we.

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