Season 4 Episode 13 - How to communicate and educate as a developer

Being able to communicate with people of all experience levels is important. Here are some tips.

Podcast - The best bits of Xcode 14?

Diving into the details for Xcode 14 changes and features. It's a good update I think.

Podcast - WWDC 2022 Keynote with Leo Dion

Leo and I get together on our annual Keynote review. Plus follow up State of the union.

Podcast - Pre-WWDC22 Advice preparing for the conference

In this episode, I offer some advice on how I get the most from the conference.

Podcast - Goodbye iPod, hello new OS versions

A sad week when we say goodbye to the iPod and I share some fond memories. But let's celebrate new OS releases at the same time.

Podcast - Apple App Store Spring Clean, My Thoughts

Apple contacted developers to let them know that there will be a spring clean, my thoughts on this.

Podcast - New Xcode, Xcode version management, WWDC22

A few topics to cover in this episode including WWDC22 and some Xcode news and tips.

Podcast - Listener Question - My thoughts on SwiftUI vs UIKit?

In this episode, a listener asked a great question regarding SwiftUI and UIKit. I do my best to explain my thoughts and my approach to making the choice.

Podcast - Updates, Hardware, Software, New Communities

So much to get through in this episode including the hardware and all the new software releases, plus a new community for developers.

Podcast - Tips for taking care of you

As developers it is all too easy to spend all day in front of a machine and forget to take care of ourselves, some tips with help from Twitter friends.

Podcast - 3 Ways to improve developer skills

We use our skills every day, but are we doing anything to improve? Some easy suggestions to do just that.

Season 4 Episode 2

I didn't know that I didn't know. Is how this one goes down. It's always the silly things that get you when writing code.

The podcast is moving hosts

I am in the process of moving the podcast, it should not affect anyone subscribed.

Season 4 Episode 1

The live stream community game project and how you can join in

Podcast - 2021 Wrap Up

A brief end of year episode with some thoughts and a guest appearance

New Apple OS releases, my MacBook Pro MAX two weeks later.

In this episode, new Apple OS and tool releases. Plus, how is that MacBook Pro MAX holding up 2 weeks later.

Podcast - MacBook Pro 14 Experiences

In this episode, a bit of a catch up after a break and my experiences using the new MacBook Pro for a couple of weeks.

Podcast - Live stream site, Server-Sent events, Memory leaks, watchOS 8.1.1, Git Linting

Trying something a little different with this episode, a video and audio version.

How to create a macOS Monterey USB installer

Do you want to be able to install Monterey without downloading every time? There is a command for that. Read on.

Apple MacBook Pro Event - Trick or Treat?

You'll have to listen to the podcast episode to find out.

Podcast - Season 3 Episode 14

Swift packages and tools to improve productivity and a reminder from Apple

Cool Swift Packages, Xcode 13, My *15 OS thoughts

In this episode of the podcast, some cool Swift Packages and Xcode 13 features.

Apple Sept. 14th Event Details

In this episode of the podcast I cover the new hardware from Apple along with my thoughts.

Users care about the experience, not technology

Are you telling users how you made something or how it benefits them? Some thoughts.

Let's talk about version numbers

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about version numbers and how developer and user view points differ.

Podcast - Listener question, SwiftUI or UIKit?

A recent question has me sharing some advice and thoughts on which technology might be best right now.

Updates, Betas, Streamers

We got updates, get you're updates here. Plus Merch madness

Tips on maintaining a healthy code base and why it matters

Code gets dusty, which is a good reason to revisit and update it, maybe even refactor. Here are a few tips to getting started.

Listener question - My thoughts on coding bootcamps

In a recent live stream I was asked what I think about bootcamps, so here it is.

Installing macOS Monterey beta on an external drive

The Apple M1 chip caused me a bunch of problems installing the OS to an external drive.

Swift and SwiftUI Testing with Gio Lodi

In this episode I discuss testing Swift and SwiftUI code with Gio Lodi.

WWDC21 Thoughts

In this episode I share my thoughts on WWDC21 and why I think it was bigger than it appeared.

WWDC21 Keynote reactions with Leo Dion

WWDC21 is here, Leo Dion joins the show as we share our thoughts on the Keynote announcements.

Podcast - Apple, Developers, and how we get through it

I am going to share two perspectives and some suggestions in this episode regarding the difficult relationship between Apple and developers.

What is an MVP and why you should make one

MVP's are a great way for early feedback, shipping, and boosting moral on a project. I'll tell you why.

It starts with an export and ends with an import

Opening and saving files in a SwiftUI application can be complicated. Here is my recent journey.

WWDC21 Wishes, Maybes, Probably Nots

My time to share some thoughts on what would be nice from WWDC21

Laptop colors? New video series, GitHub actions

A bumper episode with several topics to catch up on

Now with live streaming on Twitch

Yep, CompileSwift has a livestream to add to the fun of the community

Apple Event Details including super-powerful iPad Pros and iMac Flavors

In this podcast episode I dive into the details from the recent April Apple hardware and services event.

Podcast - Growing up unafraid in public as a developer

It can be challenging and intimidating to share your work in public. But the rewards are worth it.

Podcast - WWDC21 Details have been released. I have theories on the images

WWDC21 details have been released.

Podcast - Using SwiftUI EnvironmentObject to share data

SwiftUI has a great way to share data across views and keep it all in sync. Listen on.

Podcast - End of life for a couple of machines. Hardware rumors and don't whisper secrets.

A couple of surprise hardware announcements, and what not to do as an Apple employee.

Podcast - My M1 Mac Mini Set up Experiences and Tips

I setup my new M1 Mac Mini and learned a few things along the way to share with you.

Podcast - App First, Platform Later

As our apps appear on more platforms, we have to adjust the way we think about designing them. A few thoughts on the topic.

Podcast / Vidcast Season 2 Episode 11

This week I am trying something new, video and podcast edition.

Podcast - Let's talk about Apple certificates and profiles

Let's face it head on and talk about Apple certificates and profiles

Podcast - Swift package creation Impressions and SwiftUI frustration

I spent this week learning how to create and use a Swift package.

Podcast - What’s Your Plan for 2021 Development?

New year, time to start it with some good developer habits and plan ahead with the following quesitons.

Podcast - Happy Swiftmas Edition

It's here at last, the end of 2020. Let's look back from a developers perspective.

Podcast - Apple Small Business, Homebrew, SwiftUI Modifiers

Applications are open, Homebrew updated and my Conditional SwiftUI discoveries.

Podcast - M1 Chips, Big Sur, Xcode, App Store 15%

M1 Machines, Big Sur and Xcode releases, App Store 15%, What iPhone?

Podcast - Refactoring Code Tips

Refactoring code is something we should all think about. But be careful, a few tips and suggestions.

Podcast - XcodeGen, generate Xcode project files

XcodeGen is a commandline tool to create Xcode project files. I'm going to tell you about it.

Podcast - Apple October Event and Hacktoberfest is here

New hardware on the way from Apple. Plus, why Hacktoberfest is a good idea, you should take part.

Podcast Episode - Apple September 15th Event Details

All the hardware and software from the event right here

Podcast - New AppStore Review Process

New review change takes affect for AppStore submissions. Guidline violations no longer hold up reviews.

Podcast - What's Happening to Apple Developer Relationships?

It was another troubling week for developers navigating the ever moving interpretation of rules from Apple.

Podcast - Push to Production and AppStore Process

Episode 27 gives some thoughts to preparing for production and pushing to the AppStore. A brief overview of the process followed by my checklist.

Podcast - Experiences with Big Sur and Xcode beta 2

Episode 26 Fun times with Xcode and Big Sur beta 2, mostly good. Listen on.

Podcast - Dub Dub and Away

Episode 25 is out, let's talk a couple of WWDC20 things and developer journal on Big Sur and Combine.

Podcast Episode - WWDC 20 More News

Well sort of, yes we have some new details.

Podcast Episode 21 - Sharing Data Across Multiple SwiftUI Views

Sharing data in your SwiftUI application is straight forward once you understand the basic concepts.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 20 - iPad gets a cursor

Yep, you read that right. Plus how much is that magic keyboard in the window?

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 19 - WWDC20 and Exclusive Content

In this episode I share the details we know for WWDC20 and details on exclusive CompileSwift content.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 18 - macOS menu programming

Changing those macOS menu states with Swift. How I solved my problem.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 17 - Xcode 11.4 beta

Xcode 11.4 beta shows glimpses of the future

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 16 - App Poll Results and Speculid App

What is preventing that new app results are in, plus Speculid asset generator

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 15 - Swift 5.2, SwiftUI Debugging, UI/Unit Testing

Swift 5.2 Snapshots, Improved SwiftUI debugging and UI/Unity Testing in Xcode.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 14 - New MacBook Pro 16 Purchase.

I decided to get to the new MacBook Pro 16". My thoughts and reasons in this episode plus, looking forward to 2020 in Swift.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 13 - 5 Tips moving from Xcode 10 to 11

I recently moved from Xcode 10 to 11 and a couple of things caused me some trouble, here are five things to watch out for.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 12

Black Friday is a time for great deals, I have a suggestion, invest in you.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 11

Everyone should be using source control. Three reasons and some tools to get you started.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 10

Is it time for Apple to stop releasing software on a yearly schedule and take time to get it right first?

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 9

iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.1 Releases, Backing Up iPad Correctly, SwiftUI Plans

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 8

Apple September event, new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPad generation 7, Watch Series 5

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 7

Apple announces September event, iOS and iPadOS have an interesting 13.1 beta, and my experiences with macOS Catalina beta.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 6

Can we talk about the beta's? Plus don't let foo foo overtake features in your apps.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 5

Swift Package Manager is coming to Xcode.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 4

SwiftUI Observations.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 3

All the changes coming to the App Store and TestFlight.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 2

Xcode 11 Changes and Features.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to the CompileSwift Podcast. WWDC 2019 Overview.