Now with live streaming on Twitch

Yep, CompileSwift has a livestream to add to the fun of the community

Apple Event Details including super-powerful iPad Pros and iMac Flavors

In this podcast episode I dive into the details from the recent April Apple hardware and services event.

Podcast - Growing up unafraid in public as a developer

It can be challenging and intimidating to share your work in public. But the rewards are worth it.

Podcast - WWDC21 Details have been released. I have theories on the images

WWDC21 details have been released.

Podcast - Using SwiftUI EnvironmentObject to share data

SwiftUI has a great way to share data across views and keep it all in sync. Listen on.

Podcast - End of life for a couple of machines. Hardware rumors and don't whisper secrets.

A couple of surprise hardware announcements, and what not to do as an Apple employee.

Podcast - My M1 Mac Mini Set up Experiences and Tips

I setup my new M1 Mac Mini and learned a few things along the way to share with you.

Podcast - App First, Platform Later

As our apps appear on more platforms, we have to adjust the way we think about designing them. A few thoughts on the topic.

Podcast / Vidcast Season 2 Episode 11

This week I am trying something new, video and podcast edition.

Podcast - Let's talk about Apple certificates and profiles

Let's face it head on and talk about Apple certificates and profiles

Podcast - Swift package creation Impressions and SwiftUI frustration

I spent this week learning how to create and use a Swift package.

Podcast - What’s Your Plan for 2021 Development?

New year, time to start it with some good developer habits and plan ahead with the following quesitons.

Podcast - Happy Swiftmas Edition

It's here at last, the end of 2020. Let's look back from a developers perspective.

Podcast - Apple Small Business, Homebrew, SwiftUI Modifiers

Applications are open, Homebrew updated and my Conditional SwiftUI discoveries.

Podcast - M1 Chips, Big Sur, Xcode, App Store 15%

M1 Machines, Big Sur and Xcode releases, App Store 15%, What iPhone?

Podcast - Refactoring Code Tips

Refactoring code is something we should all think about. But be careful, a few tips and suggestions.

Podcast - XcodeGen, generate Xcode project files

XcodeGen is a commandline tool to create Xcode project files. I'm going to tell you about it.

Podcast - Apple October Event and Hacktoberfest is here

New hardware on the way from Apple. Plus, why Hacktoberfest is a good idea, you should take part.

Podcast Episode - Apple September 15th Event Details

All the hardware and software from the event right here

Podcast - New AppStore Review Process

New review change takes affect for AppStore submissions. Guidline violations no longer hold up reviews.

Podcast - What's Happening to Apple Developer Relationships?

It was another troubling week for developers navigating the ever moving interpretation of rules from Apple.

Podcast - Push to Production and AppStore Process

Episode 27 gives some thoughts to preparing for production and pushing to the AppStore. A brief overview of the process followed by my checklist.

Podcast - Experiences with Big Sur and Xcode beta 2

Episode 26 Fun times with Xcode and Big Sur beta 2, mostly good. Listen on.

Podcast - Dub Dub and Away

Episode 25 is out, let's talk a couple of WWDC20 things and developer journal on Big Sur and Combine.

Podcast Episode - WWDC 20 More News

Well sort of, yes we have some new details.

Podcast Episode 21 - Sharing Data Across Multiple SwiftUI Views

Sharing data in your SwiftUI application is straight forward once you understand the basic concepts.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 20 - iPad gets a cursor

Yep, you read that right. Plus how much is that magic keyboard in the window?

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 19 - WWDC20 and Exclusive Content

In this episode I share the details we know for WWDC20 and details on exclusive CompileSwift content.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 18 - macOS menu programming

Changing those macOS menu states with Swift. How I solved my problem.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 17 - Xcode 11.4 beta

Xcode 11.4 beta shows glimpses of the future

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 16 - App Poll Results and Speculid App

What is preventing that new app results are in, plus Speculid asset generator

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 15 - Swift 5.2, SwiftUI Debugging, UI/Unit Testing

Swift 5.2 Snapshots, Improved SwiftUI debugging and UI/Unity Testing in Xcode.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 14 - New MacBook Pro 16 Purchase.

I decided to get to the new MacBook Pro 16". My thoughts and reasons in this episode plus, looking forward to 2020 in Swift.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 13 - 5 Tips moving from Xcode 10 to 11

I recently moved from Xcode 10 to 11 and a couple of things caused me some trouble, here are five things to watch out for.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 12

Black Friday is a time for great deals, I have a suggestion, invest in you.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 11

Everyone should be using source control. Three reasons and some tools to get you started.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 10

Is it time for Apple to stop releasing software on a yearly schedule and take time to get it right first?

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 9

iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.1 Releases, Backing Up iPad Correctly, SwiftUI Plans

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 8

Apple September event, new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPad generation 7, Watch Series 5

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 7

Apple announces September event, iOS and iPadOS have an interesting 13.1 beta, and my experiences with macOS Catalina beta.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 6

Can we talk about the beta's? Plus don't let foo foo overtake features in your apps.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 5

Swift Package Manager is coming to Xcode.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 4

SwiftUI Observations.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 3

All the changes coming to the App Store and TestFlight.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 2

Xcode 11 Changes and Features.

Podcast: Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to the CompileSwift Podcast. WWDC 2019 Overview.