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What to learn when getting started with Apple Development

I decided it was time to put out an episode answering a question I often get.

“What do I learn to start coding on Apple platforms and for interviews.”

So here is my list of recommendations of topics to get started with when it comes to developing on Apple’s platforms and preparing for interviews. This is not exhaustive, but a place to start.

Let me also say, yes, everyone will have a different list and opinion on this. So let us get that cleared up right away.

The short answer is

  • SwiftUI basics including navigation and layout modifiers
  • UIKit and AppKit, at least an understanding
  • MVVM - Model, Model View, View pattern
  • Working with data
    • JSON
    • XML
    • CoreData and CloudKit
  • Web Sockets and Rest APIs
  • App Store submission flow

These are core areas that I think you will come across the most starting out. You will need to create views, you will encounter data management, and you should know how the store process works.

I did not cover other areas like source control since they fall outside of the question. I am assuming you will also look at skills needed to be a software developer/engineer in general that are not specific to the Apple platforms.


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